Saturday, May 31, 2008


16 beers entered, 1 remains. The winner of the 2008 Major Beers Tournament is Michelob Light. A #4 seed that stormed through the tourney upsetting Miller Lite in Round 1, Michelob Ultra in the quarters, Natural Light in the Semis and fellow Cinderella, Narragansett, in a tightly contested championship. More details on how things went down are posted here. Gone are the days when Michelob Light was mocked as Chickelob, Michelob Light is the new King of the mountain. The smooth flavorful taste outlasted many worthy beers and many not so worthy. As the old Mich Light ads used to say, "Nice Finish"


SaintGunner said...

"Flavorful flavor." That, my friend, is adjectival deployment at its finest!

Beer Crusade said...

Fixed. Stupid spellcheck not picking up stupid mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what is its score?