Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tournament Update: Recount Demanded

Another upset in the brackets, this time in the Light Beer division. Round 1 pitted Beer A vs Beer B. It definitely went down to the last sips and Beer A had a slightly bitter start and therefore lost. Round 2's Beer C vs Beer D was also a close one. In fact at one point Beer D was declared the winner only to be overturned by a few more sips because of a slight aftertaste. The Divisional Finals featured Beer B vs Beer C. Beer B's honeysish undertones killed it's Final Four dreams and knocked it out of the tournament, thus making Beer C, aka Natural Light the winner. The other beers were: Beer A = Bud Light Beer B = Keystone Light Beer D Coors Light. I'll be honest I do not know how this happened. I have always been a huge Bud Light proponent, as well as Keystone Light, the beer of my collegiate years. In fact the end result was so shocking the tournament moderator demanded a recount, or retaste, which I didn't think was appropriate for this contest. The light beers, being light beers, have so little taste, so little to distinguish them, you are really finding the slightest flaws in the beers to declare winners, sadly this most likely means that if you got one bad can of beer it could kill a Beer's chances.

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