Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Notes

I made a few changes to the site. If you look at the right column, I now have hyperlinks to the various rankings I have given out. Makes it for easy navaigation, I hope this helps. If I get time I'll try and add the various beer styles as well. I hope to christen the 4th semi-finalist in the beer tourney as well this weekend, as well as try some homebrew I was recently given. I think it's an IPA so I am very excited about this. Wow this is a big weekend beerwise. Excellent. I also have some more of those Maine beers from Bar Harbor Brewing I may have to give that brewery another shot. By the way, due to a slight by the Boston area liquor stores, Millwaukee's Best Light will be replaced by Mich Ultra this weekend. I am not excited by this development, but the game must go on.

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