Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sweet 16 Update

We have our first semi-finalist in the round of 16. For those of you who are concerned there was a moderator, as it would be impossible for me to do a blind taste test alone. In round 1, it was Beer A vs Beer B. Beer A was just weak and bitter, Beer B was smooth and malty. It wasn't even close, Beer B won handily. In the other match up Beer C vs Beer D, it was a barn burner. It looked like it was going to go to overtime, i.e. a second glass of each, but with the last sip Beer D endured. The flavor just held up a little bit better over the tasting, so flavor endurance ended this coin toss match up. I was convinced that beers C & D were the same, the match up was that close. The divisional finals between Beer B and Beer D was closer than Beer B's first match up, but Beer B was clearly the better beer. Before the great reveal I guessed that the match up was Bud vs Coors, only to learn it was Narragansett vs Michelob. The winner being Narragansett. Click here for results and game details. We also had another contestant, a second sipper if you will, who partook of the blind taste test and came up with the exact same results. For those taking score at home the rankings for this division would go 1. Narragansett 2. Michelob 3. Coors Banquet 4. Bud


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Unknown said...

I love May Madness!