Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tourney Update: The Final Four is Set!

This sectional of the tourney definitely raised the stakes. First of all, we had the sub Mich Ultra replacing Milwaukee's Best Light which pissed me off because I think that these new carb beers aren't really in the spirit of the tournament, but I digress. First round pitted Beer A vs Beer B and it was a knock out. Beer A had a fuller flavor, and more importantly flavor. Beer B was standard light beer fare, drinkable but no match. Beer A won out easily. In round 2 Beer C vs Beer D we had a killer match up, and our first overtime match of the tourney. It went down to a buzzer beater before the 2nd OT and Beer D emerged victorious. Beer D met up with Beer A in the finals. I suspected that Mich Ultra with it's fuller flavor had advanced and I was tormented and thought about advancing it's opponent because of it's cleaner taste. And was docking "Mich Ultra" of it's barley and slight bitterness. Well I changed my mind and went with the better beer (Beer A), realizing that choosing the cleaner beer (Beer D), meant choosing one with no taste. Much to my chagrin Mich Ultra (Beer D) did make it to the finals, only it was the beer with no taste compared to Mich Light. Salvation!!! I would have died figuratively if Mich Ultra had made the finals. Click here to see the results. Beer A: Michelob Light. Beer B: Miller Lite. Beer C: Busch Light. Beer D: Michelob Ultra. Also if you haven't pick up on this, if you click on the links in the bracket you get a better in depth description of the match-up. We should be crowning the winner this week sometime. Go BEER!

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