Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tourney Update

The third bracket (Heavy Division) went to battle last night amongst a crowd of witnesses. Match up 1 Beer A vs Beer B was not close. Beer B had a metallic taste and seemed a bit skunkish while Beer A offered an easy smooth taste. Beer A won handily. In the second match up, Beer C vs Beer D. Beer C routed Beer D. They weren't even comparable. The Finals of Beer A vs Beer C wasn't close. Beer C came off as a tad flat and Beer A advanced. You can see the results here. As you can imagine I was SHOCKED by the outcome. The last time I had MGD I almost paid the bar to not serve it to me ever again. I thought Busch was the sleeper of the tournament and people in Vegas are not happy about this outcome. It was our first 1 vs 2 match up in the Divisional finals though. This win has however made me question my taste testing. Next year we may have to go to a panel of judges or a double elimination tourney. The beers competing were: Beer A: MGD, Beer B: PBR, Beer C: Busch, Beer D: The High Life. I thought High Life may squeeze out of this bracket as well, a lot of my friends have been swearing by it lately.

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