Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just realized I hadn’t posted “Notes” in a while. Couple things to check out on the site. At the bottom of the page where it says “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)”, you can click on this to add Beer Crusade to your favorites and it will let you know when Beer Crusade has been updated. Also Facebook members (if logged in), can click at the link at the top of the page and add Beer Crusade as a friend. Our reviews are posted on Facebook a few hours after they are posted on the blog. You can now also “DIGG” our reviews at the bottom of each post, as well as send them to your friends.

Also as you saw yesterday, you asked for the Chelada and you got it. We are always looking for suggestions, so please keep them coming. As you can see, we are willing to try anything at least once. Also for the commenters out there, I brought in Knight of Saint Arnold and Pale Ale Guy to broaden the scope of the reviews and maybe get some Belgians reviewed, yet KSA hated his Belgian and I loved mine. Pale Ale Guy even gave us the lowest rated beer yet.

Check in tomorrow, we have another great review coming.

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Knight of Saint Arnold said...

For the record, the "Belgian" that I disliked was made in Vermont, and was their interpretation of a classic Belgian style. I'd blame the brewers more that the Belgians.