Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Sunset Grill & Tap, Allston, MA

Visiting some friends and family in Boston this week and I just had to swing by here. Their beer selection on tap and in bottles (they probably have like 80 beers on tap and the pamphlet above is like 12 pages full of bottles) is amazing and the food is great too. I may have to make a return trip. They bartenders are all super knowledgeable and I quizzed all of them on their favorite beers before ordering, many of them tended to have a Belgian as their favorite but they still could rattle off deleicious Pales and IPAs for me to try. The best part is, the draught beers can be sampled in 2 or 5 oz shots which allows you to really sample a bunch of things or only invest a little money before taking a risk on a beer. Heck, I even tried a Belgian in a 5 oz shot and it was real good, maybe I am changing my ways? Probably not.

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eileen said...

Love the Sunsent- you can't go wrong with that place, with their huge beer selection, delicious food, and decent prices.