Friday, July 17, 2009

Sherwood Forest Archer's English-Style Pale Ale

As far as I can tell, Sherwood Forest Brewers is the only active craft brewer in Marlborough, MA. I don't know if that is a bad thing or not, but these guys can make a very good beer.

Their flagship beer, the English-Style Pale Ale, is full of malty deliciousness with a nice dark red color. There is some hop flavor in the aftertaste, but only a hint of it. Easy to drink, this one is probably 5.0% ABV (though the ABV is mysteriously unpublished).

With a name like English-Style Pale Ale, I was expecting something like a Bass Ale. While the two beers are similar, I think I'm liking the Sherwood Forest product a bit more.

Rating = 3.5

The only potential downside is that the marketing department at Sherwood Forest Brewers is taking the whole "Robin Hood" theme a bit too far. The image on the label looks like something from the cover of a Dungeons and Dragons book. And the website is packed with Robin Hood stories and metaphors, such as "The Sheriff of Nottingham, A devious fellow with a certain affinity for women and for Hops". Yeah....

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