Friday, June 26, 2009

Otter Creek World Tour - Otter's Dubbel

Otter Creek Brewing in Vermont is probably best known for their excellent and much-loved Copper Ale. The brewery is now producing a series of brews called Otter Creek World Tour, which is a series of different varieties of beers not normally produced by Otter Creek. Examples include Sea Otter, a Baltic Porter, and Otter Mon, a Jamacian-style Stout. Interesting concept, certainly...

One of the newest releases in the World Tour series is Otter's Dubbel, a Belgian Ale in the traditional dubbel style. For the benefit of the Internet, I tracked down and purchased a 22 oz bottle of Otter's Dubbel for $2.99. Sadly, this beer is a huge disappointment. It is also somewhat hard to find, which could be a good thing for the rest of you.

First, the beer tasted and smelled like sour fruit, like cherries or raisins, which is not uncommon for a Belgian style beer. But it seemed like the fruit was spoiled or something, as it was a flavor disaster. Really not at all good. Then, there is an overpowering taste of caramel or dark brown sugar, as if the brewers were trying to drown out the fruit with sweetness. It didn't work, and the end result is like a visit to the dumpster behind the grocery store where they throw the rotten fruit.

To make it worse, the beer seemed to be a bit light in the alcohol department. ABV is not published, but I'd guess that it is below 6%.

I had to pour out the last few ounces, and throughout the entire beer, I was thinking of something to chase the taste of this one out of my mouth. Like an onion.

Rating = 1.0

And a quick intro - I'm very open minded with my beers, and I'll try anything once. Unlike some other reviewers, I believe that beer glasses were created to enhance the flavor of the beer. Something like Corona is appropriate from the bottle, but a Duvel or a Sam Adams is better in the right glass.


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