Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bud Light Lime

The second beer in my beers of summer review is relatively new on the scene. Bud Light Lime. It's only been around a year or so, but it has already carved out it's place in the summer beer market.

When first opened, you're immediately hit with the scent of lime. Almost as if you were to put three or four limes into a Corona. The beer is light in color and light on substance, like a typical bud light and has a very low 4.3% abv. The dominant flavor is without a doubt, lime. In my opinion, if you enjoy Corona, you'll enjoy this beer, and the lazy among us will enjoy not having to cut up limes to put in the beer. Essentially, Budweiser saved us the pain of getting lime juice in the paper cuts on our fingers. If you were to pick up a six pack, it's not something you'd regret, although at the same time, I'm still very loyal to Corona, and don't see myself making the switch at any point.

Overall, I'd give this beer a 2.5. In my humble opinion, the Corona is still king of the summer beers.

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Fuller said...

I like the Bud Light Lime. It's crisp and you can knock back several. It's also much lighter in calories that Corona, which is a plus.

What does the Beer Crusade think of Miller Chill? I like it better than BLL. A more subtle lime taste, and the hint of salt is a nice touch.