Monday, July 27, 2009

75 Minute Cask Conditioned IPA, Dogfish Head, Milton, DE

Now it's no secret I like IPAs and Dogfish Head, so it was only natural that I try the 75 Minute Cask Conditioned IPA when I saw it on tap. Now cask conditioned means it is served at 55 degrees, or cellar temperatures. When I tried this beer it was a little warmer than I am used to, but still manageable. The beer was fruity and creamy, but the flavoring was like a reduced version of the 90 Minute IPA, i.e. not as much kick, which makes sense because this one is only a 75 minuter. The beer is lightly carbonated and carries a 7.5% ABV. I thought the taste of the beer was superb and give it a 4.0. Also due to this beer being released only in casks I had to come up with something for the picture and well my graphic designing could use some work.

Editor's Note: I had this beer again a few days later and it was served much colder than when I tried it originally. The coldness definitely presented the beer a bit differently, as it was only a sip I chose not to re-review the beer, but this just goes to show that the circumstances of when beers are tried can definitely impact the review process. Fresh kegs vs old kegs, bottles vs draught, these things definitely change the taste and feel of a beer.

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