Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heineken Dark:

Heineken Dark:

You'll have to excuse me loyal readers.. I know I was supposed to deliver a Clamato review, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that'll have to wait a week. Instead, I have a Heineken Dark review ready to roll.

This beer.. well to be frank, I'd never ever heard of it until this past weekend. An uncle introduced me to it, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. For the record, I'm not a green bottle beer guy for the most part. Heineken, Becks, Molson, none of these do it for me, but this..this was different (and as you can see in the picture, it didn't come in a green bottle like its brothers do). It poured as a dark brown color however, it didn't taste as dark as it looked. I was expecting much more of a malty flavor, but was surprised to find that it was almost IPA in nature and went down quite smooth. At 5.1%abv, it's pretty light on the alcohol, but I'll let that slide for now. I was actually at a seafood restaurant when I tried it, and it went quite well with my fish and chips. The head on the beer wasn't nearly as robust as seen in this picture. By the time it arrived at my table, there was very little foam to speak of. Without knowing it was a beer, at first glace one might have mistaken it for a Pepsi.

Since my expectations were so low, I'm going to give this beer a solid 2.5. I'd definitely pick up a six pack this fall if I stumbled onto it, however, I wouldn't go and search for it.
Be sure to tune in next week, where I promise to deliver that Clamato review you asked for, even if it's at my own peril...

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