Wednesday, April 30, 2008

90 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head, Milton, DE

A few of you who know me may remember about 28 months ago I became a disciple of Dogfish Head beer. It happened when I received a mystery of box of beer and in it there was a lone Dogfish Head. I hit the wedding circuit and I preached to all comers about the greatness of Dogfish Head and the extreme brewing that is going on down there in Delaware, yes Delaware. Pilgrimages to the plant fell through, despite a brother who lives in Delaware. And this was just about the 60 Minute IPA, not the 90 Minute. The 90 Minute IPA is overly hopped, overly malted and as my pal Barney would say, overly Awesome. Most beers add hops at the beginning of the boil for the bitter taste and at the end for the flavor and the aroma. Dogfish Head continuously hops throughout the boil which allows the beer to have a strong hoppy and strong malty taste at the same time and it translates to the beer's unique flavoring. My friends would call this a "liquor beer" for it's strong alcohol bite (9% ABV), I disagree I believe the combination is perfect. Now the 120 Minute, that's a liquor beer. A 4.0 rating for a beer is one that you keep around the house just for yourself. A 4.5 on the other hand, means that you find liquor stores in your area who carry it and have them order you cases so you always have it in stock. Needless to say, the 90 Minute is a 4.5.

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