Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Notes

I managed to get a few other beers in this weekend as well, but due to some circumstances I could not not review them One beer was listed as one way on the restaurant's menu but the same beer is not listed that way on the company's website so I am not sure which of their beers I got. Another Sankaty Light, from Cisco Brewers, I thought was real good, but as it was my 5th beer of the night, I am guessing my palette was a tad compromised. Same goes for the Coors Light pitcher I had after that. I also squeezed in a Newcastle but I wasn't feeling well so I didn't think I could review it properly. All in all a solid weekend for new beers, with the exception of the Coors. Not sure I am still on pace for my big beer news I promised from last week for tomorrow. I need some things to fall in place tomorrow for that to happen. I also made small changes to the reviews adding labels at the bottom for easy searching. Apparently my web guy says this is a good idea. Enjoy the week.

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jay said...

you areyou constantly drunk? how can you no be? you seem to have seriously upped your beer intake for the sake of the site my friend. man.. i'm jealous