Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sam Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, Sam Adams, Boston, MA

This beer is self described as an "Intense Hop Experience." It says so right on the box. Maybe in the first sip there are some hops tingling, they however do not stay with you long. This beer starts strong, but finishes weak. I do appreciate Jim Koch for trying though. I do enjoy most of Sam Adams brews. I just wished he spent more time dumping hops in this beer, and less time sniffing hops. This beer packs a whopping 8.8% ABV, so while the hops are lacking the alcohol is strong. We're rolling another 2.5 ranking however.
By the way, Jim Koch is definitely on the list of Bostonians who always appears as if he is drunk when on TV. Rounding out the list, Bob Lobell and Bob Kraft.


Tom said...

Menino doesn't make that list?

Rob said...

You forgot Bob Ryan.