Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bass Ale, Bass Brewery, Burton upon Trent, England

Bass Ale is probably no stranger to anyone who reads this. It is definitely the most mainstream beer reviewed so far. While many beers can be described as chocolatey, Bass has more of a caramel feel that stays with you throughout the sip of beer. The beer ends with a nice silky malt finish. The amber color would suggest a brown ale, but in actuality it is a pale ale. Bass is clocked at a 5% ABV and their website is offering free merchandise which is always nice. Bass is getting a 3.0.

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SaintGunner said...

Bass at a 3.0 feels just right to me. Bass is probably the beer I could best use as my baseline. If something new is as good or better than Bass, it's probably something I'll order/buy again. If it ranks below Bass, it might not be terrible, but is likely a one-time order. (This only applies to when I'm attempting to drink good beer, of course. I can still pound Miller Lites with the best of 'em.)