Sunday, April 20, 2008

Liberty Ale, Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA

I was very underwhelmed by the Liberty Ale. The beer had all the ingredients of what goes into a good beer, you know barley, hops, malt etc. but it's like they weren't added in the right quantities. Anchor does use the dry hop method with this ale so you do get a late flurry of hops in the after taste, but by then I already had given up on the rest of the beer. When you drink it, you recognize it has the genetic make up of beer but, it is far from thrilling. This is the second time in a row I have been disappointed with an Anchor product. If I had any of their Christmas Ale in my fridge I would go risk certain poisoning (again) take a sip and throw up the first zero rating on the blog, but alas I left the remainder of that six pack at someone else's house. The Liberty has a 6% ABV and is getting dropped to a 2.0.


Mike said...

Thanks for leaving the Christmas Ale at my house, by the way. I think my sink is still angry at me for pouring 4 of them down the drain.

Note: I'm pretty sure that Anchor changes the recipe every year, so this could have been great in 06, and could be great again in 08.

Beer Crusade said...

Tell you what. Why don't you try it next year and let me know how it is before I risk losing more useful tastebuds.

Unknown said...

Abita changes their Christmas Ale every year, and at least one recent year was noxious, so I feel your pain.