Monday, August 10, 2009

Titan IPA, Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver Co.

Loyal reader Mike suggested I give the Great Divide Titan IPA beer a shot after my review of their Denver Pale Ale. Always up for a challenge, I went for it. The Titan IPA is a little bit different than your typical IPA, the flavor is focused more on the malt rather than citrus and hops I am accustomed to in my IPAs. The Titan is definitely on the dark side of IPAs. The beer has no real bitterness to it, hops are in the background but do not approach the forefront of the beer.

To be honest, the Titan would not be the first IPA I’d order, as I like my IPA’s hoppy with a bit of citrus flare. However this beer can stand on its own if you were looking a malt heavy ale. The 7.1% ABV is also adequate. So while I wouldn’t rate it high as an IPA, the Titan IPA still carries a respectable 3.5.

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