Friday, August 21, 2009

Local 1, Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY

“Waking up before I get to sleep
Cause I'll be rocking this party eight days a week
No sleep till Brooklyn ....”
The Beastie Boys

When I think of Brooklyn, or if I were ever to think about Brooklyn, the last thing to come to mind would be sweet floral goodness. But here comes Brooklyn Brewery dropping off its Local 1 offering on us. The Local 1 was gifted to me, which for all of you out there know, is weird because I am not a Belgian Guy, in fact I mock most Belgians for their Pot Pourri foul taste. So this beer definitely had a strike against it. Of course, being free wasn’t bad, and the fact it had a sweet label was good enough for me. Well, those things and the fact I was going to a BYOB restaurant. The BYOB restaurant is a bit tricky with its corking fees and well the stigma if you walk in with a sixer of Keystone Light, you not only get labeled as trash, but as an alcoholic because who drinks six beers at dinner? So I thought by bringing the Local 1, with its corked top and fancy label, people would be fooled into thinking it was champagne and thus looking at me like I was some sort of classy guy. Also it’s like 3 beers in one gigantic bottle, and more like 6 with it’s ABV at 9%. The ploy definitely worked, although I was charged that stupid corking fee.

The aroma of the Local 1 is a sweet grape smell. The beer appears light in its coloring, and after sipping you realize the beer is effervescent and not as light as it appeared. The Local 1 has some giddyup in the malt flavoring. As I mentioned above, this beer isn’t fooling around and is packing some serious alcohol content. The taste is crisp, yet not as fruity as the aroma indicates. There is a heavy yeasty taste with fruit languishing about.

I definitely liked the heat Brooklyn was bringing with this beer. Not a beer if you are looking to have more than a few, one or two glasses is enough. The Local 1 gets a 4.0

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