Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ryde Beer, Wachusett Brewing Co., Westminster, MA

Wachusett Brewing Co. in Massachusetts is definitely best known for their Blueberry Ale. It is their best seller and arguably their flagship product. They do make some other beers, many of which are worth a taste.

One of the newest products from Wachusett is Ryde Beer. Its made in a rye beer style, where rye is used in addition to grains and hops to create a unique flavor. It clocks in at 5.0% ABV. It is a pretty good example of the style, with a slightly sweet flavor and the sensation of lightness or freshness. But rye beer itself is not terribly popular, and this beer is a decent example of why that is the case. Mostly, the beer is "just there". There is nothing thrilling about it, really. It is easy drinking and not at all offensive, but that's not saying too much.

Rating = 2.0

I got this beer in a Wachusett mixed 12 pack, with Country Ale, Blueberry Ale, and Green Monsta Ale (which was reviewed last year). Everything but the Ryde Beer was well above average. But then, almost every mix pack has a sub-par component.

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