Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Excelsior White Gold

Welcome to goodness my friends. I had a bottle of Excelsior White Gold the other day and it was pure joy.

It's packaged in a wine bottle and brewed by the Ithaca Beer Company. When first poured it's a golden color, but it gets a little darker as the sediment flows around your glass (be careful when pouring as there was quite a bit of sediment in my bottle). Plenty of head led to a very flavorful taste, with a slight lemony/fruitful smell. If you're a fan of the Harpoon IPA, then you'll definitely like this, as it takes that flavor up a notch. Each sip went down very smoothly, ensuring that I'll soon go out and buy another bottle.

At 8%abv, there isn't a huge kick to it, but it sure got the job done. I mean, since it comes in a wine bottle, once it's opened you might as well drink the entire bottle, right? It would be wrong not to I suppose.

I'd give this brew a solid 3.5. Very tasty, and I won't hesitate to buy it again, but to me it was more of a summer beer, so I probably won't be picking any up this winter. I highly recommend you try it though, as you will not be disappointed.

So that makes two excellent beers in a row for me. Well, after the Clamato Incident I deserve it. Not sure what I'm going to try next week, so if you have any suggestions, fire away.


eileen said...

Sounds like a great beer- I'll have to pick up a bottle. I have one I'd like to see you review...Wacko, the summer seasonal from Magic Hat. Brewed with beets!

Mike said...

Based on "welcome to goodness" and "pure joy", I expected this beer to get a 5.0!

Eileen - Dogfish Head also makes something brewed with beet sugar: Raison D'Etre. It sounds repulsive, but is actually quite good. You'd never know that it is made of beets.