Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peak Organic Beer: Pomegranate Wheat Ale

So I'm sitting in a friend's backyard the other day, having a good time after work, enjoying the conversation with a Corona. Someone makes a beer run into the house, so of course I ask for another. Here's the thing though, the guy making the beer run didn't want to be the only one drinking the weird stuff, so he brought one out for me too...

Peak Brewing is an organic brew and it's made in Maine. I've had a couple of their beers before, and haven't really had any feelings one way or the other towards them. They were fine, but nothing really stood out. This beer really is no different.

At the very tip of each sip, for a quick second I could almost taste a berry flavor, but it was gone so quickly that I'm not sure if I tasted it, or just wanted to taste it. It also has acai in it, which is supposed to be full of antioxidants, which I guess are good for you, but really sound made up, like a buzz word some marketing agency thought up to make people think they were getting healthy ingredients when they were just getting plain ingredients.

Anyway, back to the beer. It had a light gold color and went down smooth, which was nice. It didn't really taste like anything I've had before, but it wasn't so great that I'll be running out to the store to buy more.

Overall, I'm giving the Pomegranate Wheat a 2.5. Middle of the road kinda beer. Nothing stands out, but there's nothing horrible about it either. The best part is it's slightly higher abv of 6%, which isn't really saying much. As a general rule, I tend to stay away from fruit beers. I'll give them a try, but I'm not salivating and counting the seconds until my next one. This beer did nothing to change that feeling.
The best part of the beer though, is the label. There's a couple of people, lying in the grass with their bikes nearby. Are they too drunk to ride their bikes? Did they just happen to fall off on that grassy knoll? Are they taking a nap? I'm going to go with too many Peak's for them and now it's sleepy time...

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eileen said...

I liked it, too, and normally I find berry beers repellent. It tasted more like a normal beer, in a good way.