Monday, February 22, 2010

St. Victorious Dopplebock, Victory Brewing Co., Downington, PA

So I didn't post last week, I was a bit under the weather, seems I got sick at Eileen's going away party. So the only alcohol I have been getting has been from the NyQuil. So even though I got sick, I had a fun time at the party drinking the Noble Pils and more importantly on the way home I visited one of my favorite liquor stores, Bauer Wine & Spirits where I found some Victory St. Victorious Dopplebock. I was excited to find the beer as Dopplebocks (aka Double Bocks) have always scored well with me in the past. I poured the St. Victorious into my usual stein and noticed the minimal head amongst the tiny carbonation bubbles. The beer tasted of coffee and left you with a bitter bite of hops and carbonation in the aftertaste. Although the beer is measured at 7.6% ABV, there wasn't an alcohol impact in the taste. The St. Victorious was good, but not great. I think if Victory had added some more chocolate malt to give it a richer taste to combat the bitterness I would have enjoyed it much more. That being said, I give the St. Victorious a 3.5.

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