Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boont Amber Ale

So I moved recently, which is good and bad. Good because I'm in a new place in a great location, but bad because I'm leaving the best beer store ever behind. Sure I could make the half hour trip over, and I'm sure I will from time to time. But for now, I have to go exploring in my new neighborhood. Tonight brought me a nice new treat, Boont Amber Ale.

Brewed by the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in California, this beer... well this beer was basically a middle of the road beer. Nothing amazing about it, but nothing horrible about it either. Nothing that makes me regret buying the sixer, but nothing urging me to rush out and buy more.

At a rather pedestrian 5.8%abv, this beer doesn't pack much of a punch either. It did however pour a very healthy inch plus head and a great dark amber color. Everything about it was just.. okay. I feel like my fellow Beer Crusaders and I could have brewed this in our kitchen, so I'm going to give it an ordinary rating of 2.5. Like I said, nothing great, but nothing horrible.

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Anonymous said...

you should try the Imperial Ipa,or the Hop Ottin' IPA..anderson valley make many great beers..look at their web site..AVBC.com