Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sam Adams: Noble Pils

Two Sam Adams reviews in a row, sorry about that. Not the best of timing for my review, but it is billed as a spring beer, and February is the month where we could all use a taste of spring.

Noble Pils is the newest concoction brewed up by our wonderful friends over at Sam Adams. They used five different kinds of hops to brew it, and although my pallet isn't the most refined thing in the world, I swear you can taste each one, with some honey thrown in for good measure.

I hate to sound blasphemous, but this beer reminded me of a much better version of a Budweiser. It had a similar color and head, but more to the aroma and of course taste. It's a relatively normal 5.2%abv, so it doesn't pack much of a punch, but it does go down quite easily. I haven't had it out of the bottle, only on tap so far, but it has yet to disappoint. The taste makes me wish it was a warm summer day sitting out on the patio, but the cold snowy February night quickly brings me back to reality. Overall, I'm going to give it a solid 3.5. It was quite good, but not quite up to a 4 in my book, although I would be curious to hear what my fellow Beer Crusaders had to say.

Try it, you won't be disappointed...


Tom said...

Nice post. Ironically, I wrote two Sam Adams post last week and they happened to be the Noble Pils and Utopias. I enjoyed what you had to say about the Pils. It is such a good beer and you are right about tasting/smelling all 5 hops. They definately give a well-rounded palate. I would be more apt to place this as a 4 or 4.2 in by book. Try comparing it with Pilsner Urquell and Victory's Prima Pils. They are great points of reference.
Keep up the good reviews.

Knight of Saint Arnold said...

Due to this review, I went out and got some Noble Pils. Good stuff. Very drinkable, goes down very smoothly. I think the comparison to Budweiser is unfair, however. This is a classy product.

I'm still on the fence about Sam Adams changing their spring seasonal from White Ale to Noble Pils. The White Ale was a fairly decent beer, and something to look forward to. But the quality of the Noble Pils makes it an even trade, in my mind.

Tom Smillie said...

I agree Saint Arnold. I would rather them switch it out for the Summer Ale. White Ale was a good brew. I'll miss it's rightful place in the line up.