Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baltic Porter - Leviathan Series, Harpoon Brewery, Boston, MA

The Baltic Porter is part of Harpoon Brewery's Leviathan Series - big beers sold in 4 packs. Somehow, despite our appreciation for well-made beers, we've managed to avoid reviewing anything from Leviathan (at least, since BC's review of the Imperial IPA in 2008).

Traditionally, a Baltic Porter is kind of a cross between a traditional English Porter and an Russian Imperial Stout. Basically, a well-made, smoky porter plus high alcohol and big presence. For this one, the ABV of 9.5% leads the way. From the first sip, there is a warming sensation, tempered by a slightly sweet flavor. The roasted malt aroma and taste dominates, including a nice smoked flavor. There is no real hop aroma or taste, and the scent of fruit (cherries?) and dark chocolate are very prominent.

For a beer with such a high ABV, this one is very easy to drink. Smooth and silky on the tongue. Very nice.

Rating = 4.0

There are a bunch of other beers from the Leviathan Series, and I've got them on my list. Based on the Baltic Porter, I'm looking forward to seeing what else Harpoon has in store.

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Anonymous said...

good review! Beer blogs are a great way to learn about brews I haven't had the chance to taste and review myself. Keep up the good work.