Monday, October 26, 2009

Old Chub, Oskar Blues Brewing Co., Lyons, Co

Yes, I know, another Oskar Blues beer. What can I say, I find good brewers and tend to go through as many of their beers as possible. The Old Chub, great name, is a creamy Scottish ale. The Chub has a high octane of 8% so you do get that alcoholly kick to it. You also can taste that this is a hopped up beer. The high alcohol flavor definitely detracts from what could possibly be a great beer. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past that kick. However, I do appreciate high hopped beers in cans, just in this case I was thrown off. The Old Chub gets a 2.5


Anonymous said...

I've tried the Chub as well. Ehh, this beer is malty, not "hopped up". Scottish ales typically aren't hoppy. I didn't notice the heat of the ABV either. I also notice you rated Great Divide IPA as malty- not hoppy. I think you're confusing hops and malts dude. You might want to visit some good craft beer bars and read some beer publications to further your beer education. Cheers.

Melis said...

I agree...something isn't right here.

Beer Crusade said...

To be completely honest, I did omit the notes on my beer where I wrote about the malt. That being said, I put this review together last minute and I could have substituted hops for malt, but I did get a hop presence so I will stick by the review for now. The great Divide, although hoppy, does have a strong malt presence more so than other IPAs which is why I spoke about the malt. That being said, we appreciate the comments.