Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blue Hill Brewery: Watermelon Wheat

Watermelon beer (you'll have to excuse the label, I was unable to find a watermelon wheat picture, nor was I able to find an abv, as it's not even listed on their website). I know, I know, nobody likes a fruity beer. Usually, I'm part of that nobody, but believe it or not, this was actually pretty tasty.

I tried this beer at the Blue Hill Brewery's recent Oktoberfest, but I took my time trying each brew as to not cross contaminate. Ok that's a lie, but I didn't drink so fast as to not remember what each tasted like. Poured out of the tap, the beer produced minimal head, and you're immediately hit with the scent of wheat, which makes sense since it's a wheat beer.

I wasn't really sure what to expect the flavor to be, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted very similar to a run of the mill wheat beer, with a slight kick of hops, but just as the last bit of the sip goes past your tongue, you're hit with the watermelon flavor. Not overwhelmingly watermelon, more like the last couple sucks on a jolly rancher (and I mean the candy, not a happy cattle farmer). I was actually really surprised and I'm going to go ahead and give this beer a very strong 3. Maybe not the best beer on a chilly October afternoon, but on a nice summer afternoon, fire it up.

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Trey said...

If you like Wheat Beers, have you tried Bud Light Golden Wheat? Can you review that next?