Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oktoberfest, Hofbrau Munchen, Munich, Germany

I'm running out of review dates in October, and there are still several good Octoberfest beers to review. So, I'm going to do some quick-hit reviews to try to cover everything.

Hofbrau Octoberfest from Munich, Germany is a classic European Octoberfest beer. Sadly, it comes in a green 33 ml bottle (11.2 oz), effectively "pouring some out for the homies" on your behalf. The beer has a yellow-gold color, which is very different than most American Octoberfests and their rich chestnut-brown colors. The flavor is also a good contrast, as it tastes quite crisp and light, with a bit of green apple in the aftertaste. And the ABV of 6.2% is also quite nice.

On the downside, it kind of tastes like an American lager, like Yuengling or something. Not quite what I expected, I guess. That, and the missing .8 oz, bring the rating down a touch.

Rating = 3.5

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Good Burp said...

There's not many things that I love more than the Hofbrauhaus, and an Oktoberfest beer. It pains me that I can't can't get this.

It hurts me that you compare it to an American Stlye Lager. It has got to me so much better than that. In fact, I rather enjoyed the the Yuengling I was able to try last month.

Sure, I might be a little biased. I am of German descent, and sitting in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich is my "Happy Place". But come one, you had to enjoy just had to!