Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Notes

Good weekend for beers this weekend. The restaurant I went to had a Rogue Ale beer night, so my posts this week will be very Rogue Ale centric. I find out Tuesday if I will be travelling this weekend, if so it means up to Maine for some Maine brews and possibly some Belgians as one of our hosts is a big Belgian beer guy. We also had dinner at a friend's house and found another pumpkin beer enthusiast. I didn't know there was such a thing, I blame El Nino for this epidemic. Another epidemic I saw this weekend, was bar salesmen. These are guys who come into bars and try to sell you things. Having lived in a sketchy area where this was a frequent occurrence, I thought this was only a local occurrence. I did not think this happened other places. Now I have been offered many things in bars, bicycles, dvds, meat, but this weekend the guy was selling tan suits. Amazing. Definitely an item I would have bought if cooler heads weren't around to stop me. I mean imagine the stories I could tell of the suit I bought in a bar, oh well.

Enjoy the Rogues this week, I did and I had the headache to prove it.

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jay said...

don't worry, i won't make you drink any beers you dont want to. but i will drag you to my favorite beer store so you can pick out whatever you'd like..