Friday, October 10, 2008

Double Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Brewery, Newport, OR

There are 3 things you can do when confronted with peer pressure (this blog is sponsored by a very special episode of Blossom) , either ignore it, succumb to it, or do something something so over the top that those pressuring you see how crazy you are and leave you alone. The problem with option one is that you will most likely keep on getting pressured and or teased. The problem with option 2 is that you essentially weak and will be victim to the peer pressure forever, and the problem with option 3, well there's a reason you were being peer pressured in the first place, so to go above and beyond that, well that takes a different kind of person. This is the situation I found myself in, with my dinner companions chanting that I order the Dead Guy Ale, I weighed my options. Option 1 wouldn't work because my companions had had a few and were determined to keep chanting, option 2 could lead to a night of them chanting outrageous drinks and god forbid they start chanting for Mind Erasers, so I went for option 3. I didn't order the Dead Guy Ale, I ordered the DOUBLE Dead Guy Ale. My critics were quieted. Now here's the dangerous part, the Dead Guy Ale is 6.6% ABV, the Double Dead Guy is 9.5% ABV (not exactly double, is it Rogue Brewery, get your math straight). Now this wouldn't be a bad move if I were having just one, but this was the end of the night. This was guarantee hangover city. I had friends in college who used to have Tuesday night parties in the summer. They always tapped the Busch Light keg first and the Bud Ice keg second. You could always tell who was at their parties because the next day the people had their heads in their hands and walked like zombies around campus This is not logical, you should always start strong and then go weak, trust me you'll feel better in the morning. I should have remembered my college example, but alas I did not. I took on the Double Dead Guy Ale, and it was delicious. It was citrusy and sugary. It was overflowing with hoppy goodness. It did have a little alcohol bite to it, but the caramel and citrus confluence of flavors complemented it perfectly. The Double Dead Guy gets a 4.0

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