Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tremont Ale Mr Oktoberfest, Shipyard Brewing Co., Portlan, ME

This beer doesn't exist, or that's what the Internet wants you to think, but I had the Tremont Ale Mr. Oktoberfest and it was good, real good. So what's with the lack of web coverage? It seems Tremont Ale was bought by Shipyard Brewing Co. and they have decided to produce this beer without marketing it. The Mr. Oktoberfest is a great brown ale. It is smooth and it has slight fruity hints. It definitely compares with Sam Octoberfest. This beer gets a 4.5 and I will be sending my liquor store buddies off in a search for this beer.


Mike said...

I've seen Tremont products at Julio's in Westborough. I'll see if this is also available.

Anonymous said...

I bought it in a shaws supermarket in NH around the time this article was posted