Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Notes - The Wedding Rotation

Attended a fantastic wedding this past weekend. I know everyone says all weddings are fantastic and theirs is the best, but did any of those weddings have a 6 foot lasso made of cloth napkins? I didn't think so, but I digress. I think the hardest decision at any wedding is how to approach the liquor situation. If it's a cash bar, you totally go cheapest alcoholic drink available. But what about an open bar? Some people feel this is the perfect time to go all big time and order the expensive hard stuff. I, however, go for beer, and I go for the lightest one available, because they don't wear you down, you practically sweat off any alcohol by walking near the dance floor and as we all know, weddings, especially those with after-parties, are marathons, not sprints. Normally my go to is Bud Light. However the past 2 weddings I attended, Bud Light was not on the list so I had to improvise. And seriously not having Bud Light throws me into a panic where I basically go through the 5 stages of death (Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining & Acceptance*) and blurt out the next beer in my wedding rotation. I can only imagine the look on my face as I go through this mini panic attack, bartenders must think I am having a meltdown like that kid Kevin in Parenthood. In my beer rotation I definitely have to say it looks like this:
1. Bud Light
2. Coors Light
3. Miller Lite
4. Corona - if I am going for Corona, it better be Summer and an outdoor wedding.
5. The wedding couple clearly hates beer drinkers so I am drinking 7&7s all night.

This time I settled for Miller Lite, and it served me well all evening and I woke up hangoverless which is always important. Am I the only person with a Wedding Beer Rotation? By the way, there are some times when a wedding has just a fantastic beer available and usually I'll knock one of those down before going to the comfort of my rotation.

* I sometimes think the 5 stages of death are the only thing I remember from college which is odd, because it's not like I am a social worker. I do also remember the professor of that class let us out an hour early each week so everyone could be home in time for Monday Night Football.

Also the kegerator project is on hold, I blame the economy.


eileen said...

The napkin lasso made an appearance at the afterparty, FYI.

I drink Gin and Tonics at weddings. I am paranoid about spilling my drink on the bride so i stick to clear beverages.

jay said...

Gin and tonics are a great way to go when trying to look like an adult (as i often do), but i'm with you sir, i go bud lite, miller lite, corona, then coors lite. but if there's some good stuff available, i always try to knock down one or two of those first

Mike said...

Two theories:

- Order your drink according to the fun level of the wedding. For a potentially un-fun wedding, you might need to order stiff drinks first.
- Go with stiff drinks if the wedding is understaffed at the bar. Nothing is worse than spending 40% of the wedding waiting in line at the one bar with the wicked slow bartender. If you have to deal with this situation, it makes a lot of sense to get something stronger than beer.

Other than these two points, I agree with your wedding drinking plan.

Flavorman said...

I thought this was a beer blog. Those light-Lite beers do not qualify as beers. True, I am not a "all night" beer drinker with the need to consume large quantities of colored water. They are a waste of kidney mileage. So, I think it wierd that you write about the real fun beers and continue to drink and write about the mass production stuff. What's up?