Monday, September 22, 2008

Voodoo Vator, Atwater Block Brewery, Detroit, MI

Yup, I picked up another variety pack and the first offerring I tried was the awesomely named Voodoo Vator. Because, honestly with a name like that how can you start with anything else? The Voodoo Vator is a dark beer and is quite similar to a barleywine as the alcohol is so potent it gives it a slight wine aftertaste. The smoky chocolate malt allows itself to be overpowered by the alcohol, but it still lets you know its there. I wouldn't recommend an evening with the Voodoo Vator because of it's 9.5% ABV, but this is a great beer when you are only having one and want to hang on the dark side of things for the evening. The Vator grabs a 4.0

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