Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Notes - The Hobo's Special

First of all, how about this six pack on the left? This is exactly how I found it when I researched the deep recesses of the liquor store near my house. How awesome is that collection of beers? The fact that someone took the time to collect singles of all of those and then took time to put them in those six pack plastic rings is mighty impressive. I am calling it The Hobo's Special, only because I like the word Hobo and don't think it's used enough anymore.

Onto more important things, Fall is a great time for beer as a lot of the brown ales and Oktoberfest seasonals start coming out. I cannot wait. I've already sampled a few seasonals and the reviews will be pouring in the next few days.


jay said...

i had my first sam adams oktoberfest last mm good

eileen said...

The Hobo Six Pack looks spectacular.