Friday, September 26, 2008

Prima Pils, Victory Brewing Co., Downington, PA

In the words of Johnny Drama, VICTORY!!! As in the Victory Prima Pils which I had the chance to try this past weekend. Now, it's been said before that I am not the biggest fan of pilsners. But the Prima Pils was definitely a different kind of pilsner. The Prima wasn't the run of the mill light, wheaty pilsner. The Prima was full on hop bitterness coming right at ya. It was a darker flavor than it's counterparts. Drinking this beer is just like drinking pure hop juice, so if you don't like sweet, delicious hop bitterness, pass on this beer. The person who offered me the beer described the taste as "sharp" and I'd totally have to agree. The 5.3% ABV is a bit on the low side for microbrew but that's OK. The Prima get a good solid 3.5. This should also give you Belgian Fans a ray of hope that one day I'll find a Belgian Beer I like.

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