Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orange Blossom Original Ale, Buckbean Brewing Co., Reno, Nevada

With the temperatures in the sixties and the cherry blossoms in full bloom in DC, I decided to crack a brew on my porch and enjoy a lazy Sunday evening. Looking for something light, I picked out the Buckbean Brewing Orange Blossom Original Ale, breaking my unwritten rule of reviewing the same brewer twice in a row.

Cracking open the can, I was overwhelmed with the scent of oranges. I poured the orange brown elixir into my stein and went to work, that's if you consider sipping beers in wicker chairs working. And work it was, the orange blossom water dominated this beer, and my palette could not stand up to the onslaught of orange.

I had hoped the beer would resemble a light summery ale, instead I got something that resembles one of those Belgians I have a hard time with. Perhaps the hefeweizen and Belgian lovers would find this style more appealing, however I did not. It is very rare that I can't finish a beer, and this I couldn't make it more than halfway through.

The Orange Blossom Original Ale has a 5.2% ABV, and it receives the lowest rating I've given in a long time, 0.5.

I have another Buckbean Brewing beer in my fridge. I hope it resembles the Black Noddy Lager more than the Orange Blossom.

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Unknown said...

Do you have a little studio set up just for taking pictures of beer to post on the blog? It sure looks like you do.