Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Noddy Lager, Buckbean Brewing Co., Reno, Nevada

So a couple of months ago I received an email telling me that there was a brewer in Nevada looking for some bloggers to post some reviews. I joined Twitter, sent a message and a few weeks later a box containing three varieties of Buckbean Brewing Co's beer showed up on my door. Due to the arctic cold that had descended on my doorstep this past weekend, I decided that the Black Noddy Lager was the way to go.

After travelling over 2,800 miles to reach my doorstep, I was a bit concerned whether the beers would tolerate the trip well, especially leaving the warmth of the Left Coast for the freezing temps of the East. I poured the Black Noddy into one of my favorite steins and hoped for the best. The Noddy was as black as advertised and poured with a monstrous tan frothy head. The taste matched its aroma of roasted coffee. There was a twinge of bitterness, but the beer finished very smooth. Halfway through my glass any concerns how the beer survived its Eastern journey were dispelled. Per my legal obligation I must mention that yes, this is a micro-brew served in a can. I’d have to say the biggest disappointment regarding the Black Noddy is that it only appears to be available in Nevada and California, which are two places I do not live. I think if you are looking for a dark beer with a Guinness feel, you wouldn’t be remiss to consider the Black Noddy. The Black Noddy gets a 4.0.

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