Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Purple Haze: Abita Brew

Well, another week, and another beer.
Abita Beer's Purple Haze is a raspberry wheat malt beer. I know what you're thinking, fruit beers are never good. And for the most part you'd be right with that statement, and this one doesn't do a whole lot to disprove that.

Once I saw it was from Louisiana though, I thought, this beer has to be good. Mostly because I went to a bachelor party once in New Orleans and that place was fantastic, so why wouldn't a beer from that fantastic place also be great? That being said, there wasn't really a whole lot to it. Not a whole lot of aroma (smelled like any other nondescript wheat beer), not a whole lot of taste, and only a slight taste of raspberry. The color was an orangey/cloudy combination. Not that I was expecting a whole lot, but I was expecting more. It reminded me of your everyday domestic beer really. I wouldn't turn down another one if it was handed to me at a barbecue, but I don't see myself picking up another sixer any time soon either. It's 4.2%abv, doesn't exactly knock your socks off either.

So not surprisingly, I'm going to give it a 2. It is what it is, just another beer.

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