Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Announcement Number 2

First of all let me address the picture on the left, as you can see we totally dedicate all financial resources to our graphic design team. I almost just scrapped this version because the purple “B.C.” reminded me of Batman when the Joker went into the museum and started putting smileys and dollar signs on all the paintings (great cameo by Matthew Perry as "Man falls into soup"). This of course led to a serious internal discussion of which Joker was better, Nicholson’s or Ledger’s, after twenty minutes I forgot what started me on this Joker path and just left the picture as is.

Now for the Big Announcement Number 2, formerly Big Announcement Number 1 before it was scooped by Eileen. You all may recall a little tournament in May 2008 called the Major Beers Sweet 16 Tournament (see links here and here). Well for 2010 we wanted to do something a little different, we’re talking a Beer World Cup. The 2010 Beer World Cup will pit 16 beers across several continents against each other for World Domination. Now we still are in the planning stages, but there will be some simple guidelines in place, like beers will have to be in similar styles and representative of that particular country. Of course as we know more we will pass along the details. Apparently Belgium is an early favorite. Please offer any beer suggestions you may have, as of right now, we are limiting the styles to lager/pale ale.

So keep an eye out for more information!

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