Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Echt Kriekenbier

And I wish I could pronounce it too.. that aside, what a splendid little beer I stumbled onto.

Echt Kriekenbier is a Belguim cherry ale. Now it's not quite as fruity as other framboise's I've had, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Underneath the ample cherry flavor was a pretty good beer, and the two flavors actually worked quite well together.

It poured a redish brown which produced a pinkish head of about an inch or so. That sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it? Nothing about this beer was dirty though, just plain goodness. Most fruit beers tend to overwhelm the pallet, killing the beer and giving off too much sweet flavor. This beer did a very good job of balancing the two tastes.

It weighs in at 6.8%abv, which isn't too shabby either. Overall, I'd say those crazy Flemmish folk are onto something good... I'm going to give it a 3.5. I'd like to go higher, but it's not quite a 4. I can see it being a good spring beer, sitting out on the patio, having a couple, before the heat of summer hits.

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