Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Corona: An Oldie, But A Goodie

The Corona. We've all had one, we've all had a lot more than one. When I was a kid, nothing said summer like that first day I got to wear shorts to school and the familiar sound of the ice cream truck trolling the neighborhood for customers. That all changed when I discovered the wonders of beer.

Whether you enjoy it with the lime (or lemon or orange as I've also seen), or a la carte, nothing beats a Corona on a warm summer's eve. It goes down smooth, with little after taste lingering in your mouth. If you choose to go with the lime, it gives it that added zip that it doesn't necessarily need (in my opinion) but that definitely makes it taste more like summer. It may not be the most perfectly crafted beer, but we've all had those days where we come home from a long day at work on a hot August afternoon, and a Corona or two out by the grill makes all of life's little problems disappear for those few hours.

It's inexpensive, great for a party, and still trying to fight its way out of the summer beer stereotype. I have to admit that on those mostly dark days of mid winter, a nice cold Corona can momentarily take me back to the beaches in Mexico.

On a side note, a friend once left a sixer outside one frigid winters night. The fridge was full, so his deck was the next best thing. We brought it in, popped the top off the bottle and put in a lime. Within seconds, from the bottom up, the beer crystallized. Now I'm no scientitian, so I have no idea why it did this, but something about the chemistry of the lime interacting with the beer, caused it to turn to slush. I highly recommend you try this some night.

Overall, it's generally light on flavor as well as in color, but something about it keeps us coming back. I'm going to rate it a solid 3, but some of that has to do with the summer feelings that come along with it.

Quickly, I'd like to introduce myself. As you can tell from my nom de plume, Pale Ale Guy, I'm a fan of the pale ales. I tend to stay away from the porters and stouts, but that won't stop me from trying some this winter. I'm a laid back kinda guy, who enjoys long walks on the beach.. wait wrong bio... The plan is for the first few entries to review the beers of summer. I'm going with the lime flavors first, and we'll play it by ear after that. If you have any suggestions, I'm always open to hear them.


ALeahy said...

Although I am, and always will remain a Beer Crusader loyalist, let me be the first to welcome Pale Ale Guy. Delicious Corona’s can nary be beat on a hot Summer day. I’d like to suggest my own Summer beer favorites: Pacifico (Corona’s mature older cousin), and Red Stripe (Corona’s dipshit younger brother)

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the chemistry of the lime that caused the slush, this can happen simply by opening the bottle. You can do it also with bottled water simply by shaking it.
Two things - a bit of freezing point depression due to higher pressure in the bottle, but mostly due to the fact that there aren't that many nucleation sites in a sealed bottle of supercooled (in the sense that it is liquid below the freezing point) beer - you pop the lid, CO2 gas bubbles exolve and provide nucleation sites for ice crystals and bingo - a beer popcycle.

Beer Crusade said...

Anonymous is clearly the smartest person to have ever read this site. This explanation made my head hurt and I will need a beer cure.