Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trinity Red Ale, Trinity Brewing Co., Chicago, IL

Interesting thing about Trinity Red Ale, it doesn't exist. Apparently it is brewed by Goose Island Brewing Co. for exclusive sale at Trader Joe's under the Trinity Ale name. Weird right? Anyways, back to the beer. The Trinity red is very light and has limited carbonation. The addition of rye to the brew gives it an unsweetened ice tea flavor where someone added a lemon peel as an afterthought. The ale is not hoppy, and not as creamy as it's red ale brethren. I think it's the kind of beer that traditional non-beer lovers may enjoy. I found that the sweet taste was quite enjoyable and different. I did not find the beer to be malty at all. According to Goose Island the beer or it's Goose Island Honker twin has 3.5% ABV. I rated the beer a 3.5. Trader Joe's, I've found, is a great place to find some different beers and I highly recommend it. Not all of them sell alcohol however.

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