Monday, August 4, 2008

La Rossa, Birra Moretti, Udine, Friuli Italy

The most alluring quality of fate is its absolute unexpectedness. There are always those times when the universe simply aligns and Destiny walks into the bar and makes her way towards you. You weren't even looking for it, but sometimes you don't choose Destiny, Destiny chooses you. I walked into a restaurant and through the crowd, I spotted the Moretti La Rossa, and said I'll have that. The La Rossa's fastball was really moving, unlike it's weaker sister beer. The chocolate malt flavoring was exceptionally delightful. The cherry undertones presented a Russell Stoverish pleasant surprise. The beer had a practiced velvety smooth quality. It was a more chocolatey Sam Ocktoberfest. La Rossa was bringing the High heat with a 7.2 ABV. Now, admittedly there are times when a beer just tastes better than normal, it could have been the batch, the environment, or a rogue bottle. 99 time out of 100 this beer could rate a 3.0, but tonight Moretti was on and it's bringing home a 4.5


Mike said...

I can concur with this review. I picked this beer up recently, and it is surprisingly good. As noted, it has a moderately high ABV, but it is smooth and easy to drink.

Regular Moretti, however, is more disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Does Mrs. Beer Crusade know about this mysterious Italian you spotted across the bar?

Bill Musto said...

One of my favorites too, and a lot better than the regular Moretti.

Nothing like this beer on a hot day with a slice of prosciutto and sophia loren.