Friday, August 1, 2008

My Dog Died

And by dog I mean dog in the Randy Jackson sense and by died, I mean figuratively, not literally. The Red Sox traded Hall of Famer to be Manny Ramirez, cash, Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss today for 2 Time All Star Jason Bay. Another notable 2 time All Star can be found here. See, all All Stars aren't that good. Manny has been mostly responsible for bringing much joy to the Boston area, not only with his play but his hilarious antics. It's a shame the media and Sox ownership forced this guy out of town, Baseball will be less interesting for sure. To honor Manny being Manny I downed 24 oz of Southern Tier Matt & Phin's Extraordinary Ale (after all this is a blog about beer not awesome baseball players), I then downed another 36 oz of beer to celebrate Craig Hansen being shipped to the Pirates. 24 is of course Manny's number, 36 is roughly the percent of strikes Craig Hansen throws during a typical outing.
Good Luck Manny, you'll be missed by the true Red Sox Faithful.


Mike said...

OK, who had 110 days in the "First legitimately non-beer post" lottery?

The first post on this blog was April 13th, and Mr. Beer Crusade made it 110 days before succumbing to the lure of off-topic discussions. Let's mark the event by enjoying a nice cold one.

jay said...

Cheers to that!

Beer Crusade said...

This was not an entirely a non-beer post. I talked about Southern Tier's Extra Ordinary Ale, which is in the review queue, as well as drinking 5 beers, the Manny stuff was just the occasion, like St Patrick's Day. Southern Tier's review will be up in a week or so. Until then Cheers.