Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21st Amendment: Brew Free or Die IPA

So three great things happened to me tonight. First, my wife's best friend called and they talked for about an hour enabling me to watch the Bruins and the Celtics without interruption. Second, LOST, the best show on tv, was on. And third, I discovered my holy grail of beers; a beer that tastes great out of the can.
I've had my fair share of beers out of the can, usually something see thru and cheap though. About seven years ago, we discovered Dale's Pale Ale which comes in the can and is absolutely fantastic. This beer however, gives Dale's a run for their money.
The 21st Amendment brewery is out in San Francisco and what a job they did with the Brew Free or Die IPA. I can't really comment on the color, because it never touched a glass, but what I can say is that the malt and hops jump out at you immediately at that first sip. Not overpowering, just a very nearly perfect combination. And at 7%abv, it's got a little punch to it too. It's not perfect, but wow is it good. I'm going to give this beer a strong 4, with no reservations. In a review posted last September, Beer Crusade gave it a 3.5. I happen to like it more than he does, so maybe I'll have to pick up a sixer and let KSA being the deciding vote...

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