Monday, September 21, 2009

Yuengling Traditional Lager, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Pottsville, PA

Now, if you have spent any time in the Mid Atlantic states, you will have heard of a little beer called Yuengling. Their distribution is limited, their reputation is not. Yuenling lays claim to an all important title, America's Oldest Brewery, since 1829. And people rave throughout the land to this beer's awesomeness. When poured into a standard pint glass, the lager has a light amber hue, and is populated with carbonation bubbles throughout. The ABV is a modest 4.9%. The taste is brief as you can grasp the amber malt but you're left smacking your lips looking for more flavor. The beer's reputation is bigger than its taste. Of course my friends will think this review is blasphemous, but it is they who are not true to themselves. Now, Pale Ale Guy skewed his review of Corona, more favorably due to the beer's reputation as a summer good time beer. I, however, feel that Yuengling needs to do more than just sell Americana. The Yuengling gets a 2.0.

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Knight of Saint Arnold said...

Booooo!! I admit that I haven't had a Yuengling in a while, mostly due to their lack of New England distribution, but I recall that Yuengling was better than a 2.0.

I'm going to seek some out and see if my memory matches reality.