Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Notes: Worst Beer Ever

So I was out at a local Irish pub the other day, and it being fall in Massachusetts, decided to partake of a Sam Adams Octoberfest. Now, Sam October is a great beer, definitely a 4.5 in my opinion, so I was shocked when I took my sip from my draught and well, worst beer ever. It didn't have the smoothness or the caramel tones that I know and love in a Sam October. It tasted horribly. It just goes to show that you never know what you are getting when a beer comes out of a tap or out of a bottle.


Mike said...

I think that naming the bar in question would be a great service to the rest of the beer-drinking community.

ALeahy said...

unrelated to your post, but thought I'd do you a favor and advice you to steer clear of the Abita Pecan Ale. Going to be hard to resist because, like me, I know you can be pulled into an 'interesting' beer concept, especially when it comes from a good brewery. Its not awful, but it aint good either.

eileen said...

I agree with Mike!