Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sea Dog Brewery, Bangor, Maine

So the past few days I have reviewed the beers from my trip to Sea Dog Brewery in Bangor, Maine a few weeks ago. And the reviews didn't come back that hot. I found the brews lacking a bit of malt power and they came off as flat. Now I am a power IPA, Strong Ale kind of guy so someone else might think these beers are great, and I do admit they flavoring was there, just not enough. I didn't do a tour or anything just sat down for some apps, some beers and well some Big Buck Hunter. Some things you should know, I sampled small amounts of the Pale Ale and the Pumpkin Ale, and they were good, in fact the Pale Ale was great. I didn't sample enough to review however. I was also disappointed that they had sevrers who hadn't tried the beers and couldn't offer a suggestion. General consensus at the table was that the server possibly wasn't 21, which I can understand, BUT you are a brewery, where people come in to try your beers and want to know suggestions, don't hire under 21 servers. Oh well, maybe next time I visit they will have their act together, if not I did mention they have Big Buck Hunter, right?

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